About SWI

Authentic in every detail

Established in 1935, as a family business we have gained vast experience and infrastructure in the wood industry. With 250+ professionals our team is well trained and works closely with customers to ascertain their exact requirements. This enables us to be market leaders in both service and value for money.

SWI is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing raw wood into finished products. Years of experience and many specialists in wood, production and distribution area ensure stable relationships with professional and industrial customers. In Europe, we provide customers the benefit of stocking locations in the Netherlands (Landsmeer, Putte), England (Manningtree, Nuneaton), Ukraine (Odessa, Uman). Outside of Europe, we have stocking possibilities at 5 locations in USA (NJ, TX, MD, CA, IL) and in China (Tianjin). By guaranteeing a strong network of factories, SWI has direct supply source in accordance with international standards.

We support the sustainable development of forests in the regions where we operate. Our company is actively involved in certification processes in various woods as a participant or as a contributor. Moreover, we take our moral obligations towards the forest, the indigenous people & wildlife very seriously and promote using timber from certified sources.

All timber imported is 100% EUTR approved. The EUTR aims to close down markets for uncontrolled/illegal logging by ensuring that the EU imports only timber products that are produced in accordance with national laws of the originating country. It applies to timber & timber-based products that are produced both within the EU and those that are imported into Member States from outside the EU.